Moser Brothers Animation Demo Reel

The Moser Brothers Demo Reel features clips from some of our work in film, TV, and the web. We offer complete production in Flash, traditional animation, and 3D. Our clients include Marvel, Lionsgate, Warner Brothers, Sony, as well as independent producers and filmmakers. Select Credits: “The Superhero Squad Show” Planet Hulk Wolverine & The X-Men […]

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Marvel’s Shadowland

Celebrate the release of SHADOWLAND #1 with this special Shadowland music video!

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“The Letter” – a short film

A short film we made on our Canon 7D camera. Synopsis: A professional hitman gets sick then discovers that his insurance company has denied him coverage. He deals with the problem the only way he knows how. Written, directed, and edited by the Moser Brothers Story by the Moser Brothers and Peter Mikhail Gunman – […]

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Kung Fu Jimmy Chow

We produced this show with Bob Cesca for We were responsible for all of the backgrounds and animation in the show along with the VFX. We also handled some of the modeling. This episode of this anime-inspired series opens with Rainbow Ren, a young teen girl in a miniskirt who works as a newspaper […]

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The Fountain

An elderly man discovers a fountain of youth in his backyard greenhouse. How will he use his new-found, supernatural powers? Actor: Peter Dillard Actor: Doreen Chalmers Actor: Katharine Phillips Actor: Robert Reich Director: Thomas Moser Director: Joel Moser Director of Photography: Kevin Smith Filmmaker: Joel Moser Music: Eric Hester Sound Design: Jim McManus

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